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Matema Beach View Lutheran Centre is taken as a historical site for tourists and Learning Institutions for Church history "Lutheran Church in Southern part of Tanzania and the Missionaries.

The first Missionaries from the Berlin Mission Society arrived on the 25 September, 1891 at the northern shore of Lake Nyasa. That is the land of the Wanyakyusa Tribe and it is called Konde now. Therefore the Diocese has the name "Konde Diocese". The Missionaries came from South / Africa over the Zambesi River, Shire River and Lake Nyasa to Matema Area.

1891 they started to build the first Mission Station on the hillipagika near to the Livingstone Mountains, about 30 km distance from the Lake.

1893 the Mission station in Ikombe, the half island at the eastern shore of Lake Nyasa, was found. But the Missionaries had problems with the climate. So they decided to shift to Matema.

1911 the Berlin Missionary Dorst built a new tropical house in Matema. Due to the two World Wars in the last century the German Missionaries were often away and replaced by English, Scottish and Scandinavian Missionaries. But the Germans came back again and again.

Nowadays the house belongs to the Konde Diocese and is used as a retreat and conference centre. The Konde Diocese was found in 1982. The Konde Diocese is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) who is owner of Matema Beach View.